Research Cooperation Programs with Other Centers

Since 1995, LIS has had research exchange agreements with, among others:

  • the Informatics Institute of the University of Goias (DEI-UFG),
  • the Informatics Department of the University of Pernambuco (DI-UFPE),
  • the Department of Image Processing of INPE (DPI-INPE),
  • the Study Group in Geoprocessing of the Agricultural Engineering Faculty of UNICAMP ( GEO)
  • the Brazilian Telecommunications Research and Development Center, CpQD, TELEBRAS,
  • the National Research Center in Informatics for Agriculture (EMBRAPA – CNPTIA), and
  • Laboratoire d’Analyse et Modelisation des Systemes pour Aide a la Decision, Universit√© Paris IX Dauphine, France ( LAMSADE)
  • the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (DIKU)

The group maintains several exchange programs with other database research groups.