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Claudia Bauzer Medeiros

  • "SAI": Advanced Information Systems (Sistemas Avancados de Informacao -- PRONEX II/MCT-CNPq.
  • "GeoLib": Geo-Library - Georeferenced Data Digital Library Framework.
  • "BIOTA": Information System: Participation on the design and development of the Biodiversity Information System for the BIOTA program.
  • "GEOTEC": Tools and Techniques for GIS.
  • "Domus": GIS for environmental control applications.
  • "GeoTOOls": Geographic Information Systems Tools and Techniques using the Object Oriented Paradigm.
  • "WASA": Workflow Based Architecture to Support Scientific Applications.
  • "WebMaps": Semantic Web-based System for Crop Monitoring.
  • MediaBank - Managing multimedia educational content