Contemporary computing environments intensively explore the use of various devices and sensors. These environments foster the involvement of users' body by allowing a dynamic interaction with the technology. This research is inserted in the context of a new class of systems called Socioenative Systems, in which the interaction is guided by feedback cycles between the participants and spatially present interfaces, which explore sensors and data analysis in physical and immersive interactions. In this context, the way systems design and evaluation are conducted affects the easiness of use. Despite technological advances and complexity of these systems, we need access for all people regardless of their characteristics and/or limitations. To this end, the evaluation process of design proposals plays a key role, although literature offers a small number of methods and instruments, mainly aimed at the inspection of traditional computer systems, e.g., Web systems. This Master dissertation studies an instrument to support designers to evaluate/inspect proposals for Socioenactive Systems. We aim to achieve means that assist designers in the observation and analysis of characteristics under different dimensions that define Socioenative Systems. Based on the foundations of Socioenactive Systems, we propose a set of recommendations (guidelines) organized in a methodology to guide the evaluation of Socioenactive Systems. In our approach, the principles of Universal Design and Heuristics of Natural User Interfaces are combined and mapped in the context of our instrument. We propose a prototype of how the instrument can be integrated with the OpenDesign platform. We conduct a case study with three Socioenactive Systems scenarios, in which designers utilize our instrument to inspect already designed systems. Results indicate that the instrument developed favors an analysis of proposals for Socioenactive Systems whereas allowing designers to think about universal access in these systems. This work contributes to Socioenactive Systems to move towards design for all.

Master’s defense

Candidate: Andressa Cristina dos Santos

Advisor: Julio Cesar dos Reis

When: August 5, 2020 at 2 pm